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Interpreting the message:  Resolution of documentation issue in Jordan

When authorities issue guidance (and logistics service partners provide advice based on this guidance), it may not always be clear or correct. Understanding the true compliance requirements and full practical implications is key.

Our client operates a service support programme in Jordan and was informed by its local partner that there was a mandatory requirement for defective goods to be classified as scrap on export, and that the Certificate of Origin must show Jordan as the country of origin. Given that neither of these apparent mandatory stipulations were appropriate to the export of our client’s goods (and could break international compliance standards if adopted), BlueBlox was engaged to establish the true facts.

On direct engagement by BlueBlox with Chamber of Commerce officials, it soon became clear that our client’s service provider had misinterpreted the guidance from the Chamber of Commerce, and that our client should be free to continue compliant export from Jordan without declaring their goods as ‘scrap’ or mis-stating the origin.

Our review not only enabled our client to compliantly export their goods, but it also identified gaps in service provision from their partners in Jordan that needed to be addressed.  It was clear that even though the logistics provider was keen to operate compliantly, they did not have sufficient understanding (or motivation) to always act in our client’s best interest. Our review provided our client with a clearer understanding of the quality of service they were receiving, as well as enabling the logistics provider to better understand our client’s operating model.

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