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Providing clarity: Resolving valuation dispute Ghana

After uplifts and clearance stoppages, BlueBlox engaged with the Ghanaian Customs Authority on behalf of our client, explained our clients’ Valuation Methodology, provided the authorities with clarity and understanding, ensuring clearance without uplifts.

Customs authorities often make incorrect assumptions that negatively impact a supply chain. Our client’s service support operation in Ghana had been incurring increased costs due to Customs applying significant uplifts to the original declared value. Moreover, Customs refused to release the goods until the uplift value had been paid in full.

Using a legal provision in the Ghanaian Customs legislation BlueBlox requested an explanation as to how Customs determined the value of our client’s goods. The Customs authority explained that they based their valuation on a transaction value of identical sales goods, incorrectly assuming that the goods were imported for sales purposes. BlueBlox explained to Customs that the goods were imported under a post-sales service programme and as such the goods in question could not be considered the same as goods imported under a contract of sale. BlueBlox provided the Customs authority with comprehensive details justifying the valuation of the goods. Upon review Customs accepted the original valuation submitted and facilitated the release of the goods. 

If you are facing challenges with your customs valuation in any country on any issue, contact BlueBlox for assistance.

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