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Operational Inefficiencies cause Unnecessary Delays

Due to BlueBlox’s cooperative approach and working in conjunction with all stakeholders involved in the clearance of goods at customs, customs clearance delay was reduced by a number of days which helped our client to serve its customers need on time.

Ensuring transparency of operations is a key to maintaining a predictable supply chain.  BlueBlox was engaged to assist a client in Egypt who was experiencing significant delays in customs clearance of their goods.  Initially, there did not appear to be a reason for these delays, essentially they were attributed to COVID 19.  However, on analysis, it became apparent that the delays were caused due to a change in the operator of the customs clearance terminal and a lack of adherence to prescribed processes.  BlueBlox met with the operator and established best practices for the handling of our clients’ shipments.

Our client had been avoidable experiencing delays for some time which were essentially caused by a lack of understanding and communication.  BlueBlox was able to identify the issue and affect resolution through direct engagement with the appropriate parties.

If you are facing delays or a lack of transparency in your supply chain contact BlueBlox at hello@blueblox.ch to see how we can help.

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