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Challenging Perceptions:  Export from Kenya

BlueBlox approached Logistics Service Providers (LSP) and Import of Record (IOR) companies on the ground to determine if previously imported goods could be compliantly exported out of Kenya. Through our legislative review and the response from the LSPs and the IORs, we have established that indeed our client can export back previously imported goods.

A lack of understanding of regulations or awareness of legislative changes can have significant impacts on supply chain operations.  BlueBlox’s client in Kenya was informed by its Logistics Service Provider (LSP) that the export of goods previously imported into Kenya was not allowed.   BlueBlox undertook to challenge this perception, by reviewing legislation and understanding market practice.  It transpired that BlueBlox’s client had been misinformed by its LSP and that the LSP did not understand the regulatory framework.

BlueBlox worked with the Client’s LSP to establish compliant procedures subsequently enabling our Client to efficiently export goods from Kenya.

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