What is a trade compliance consultant and what is it for BlueBlox?

What is a trade compliance consultant and what is it for BlueBlox?

Trade Consultant

When you want to penetrate a developing market overseas, you need someone who can assist you in such a matter.

Trade compliance consultants can assist you in overcoming the challenges of foreign trade, especially in developing countries. To understand the value of a trade compliance consultant, we must understand what trade compliance is and how it can benefit your business as a manufacturer of exported goods. BlueBlox is here to help!

As a manufacturer, you cater to specific markets with the goods that you develop and produce. Let’s take a simple example. If you are a manufacturer of a brand-new line of small electric-powered cars and want to start exporting and selling them to developing countries, there will be certain challenges in front of you. Trade compliance is all about complying with trade legislations and stipulations from other countries to allow you to export your goods to them. These include tariffs classification, valuation, and determining the value of goods as well, which will be enforced by the importing country for several reasons. BlueBlox is here to assist you in complying with these terms.

A trade compliance consultant is someone who understands the ins and outs of exporting goods to a developing market. At BlueBlox, we specialise in countries that are from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Getting back to our example, if you want to sell your small EVs to other countries, a trade compliance consultant can assess the market and evaluate operations within that market to accurately determine the risks, opportunities, and threats before starting the export business.

Although we have only scraped the surface of trade compliance and the value that a consultant can add to your export efforts, BlueBlox is here to ensure that your business can reach new heights. We offer a tailored trade compliance consultancy to inform you about the intended market’s status and how to reach a trade agreement that would be beneficial to both your business and their government. For more info on our services, please check our website today!

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