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Tenacity Prevails: Customs Valuation Dispute Resolution

BlueBlox after submitting a comprehensive valuation technical clarification letter and a face-to-face explanation of our client’s valuation methodology to customs officials, Customs reversed an uplift of over 400% and cleared the shipments at the original declared value.

International cross border trade can result in unexpected decisions by customs authorities, often leaving companies facing additional costs and delays.  BlueBlox assisted a client who experienced an uplift to their customs valuation of over 400% without any justification from the authorities. BlueBlox approached Customs to determine the rationale behind the decision to apply this uplift. BlueBlox engaged with customs on multiple levels to explain why the value of the goods as originally presented should be accepted and was able to address all of the customs misunderstandings. As a result, customs accepted the client’s original valuation and agreed that future uplifts would not be applied, resulting in significant cost avoidance and a sustainable operating model.

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