Is Namibia to Become the Logistics Hub for Southern Africa?

Is Namibia to Become the Logistics Hub for Southern Africa?

Southern Africa is a region that is hard to access from the northern hemisphere. Therefore, global trade can become particularly challenging to countries such as South Africa and Namibia, only having access to a few seaports that are equipped to deal with large quantities. This region required a solution, and Namibia delivered with Namport. As an extension of the world class Commercial Port Walvis Bay, Namport serves as a container terminal that feeds Namibia and her neighbouring countries. In addition, Namibia has designed Walvis Bay Corridor initiative to serve countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Stimulating Intercontinental, Regional and Local Trade

The Walvis Bay Corridor is an ambitious initiative that was started as a part of diversifying Namibia’s economy. In 2018 the Namibia State of Logistics reported that the logistics industry has the potential to contribute 4.6% to Namibia’s GDP if realized properly.

The Walvis Bay corridor offers for the SADC region the shortest possible route on the West Coast. Namibia will be a great alternative for the landlocked countries of SADC. Namibia also created a Dry Ports for the landlocked countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia to further trade in the region. Furthermore, Namibia has agreed with these three countries to provide them a portion of land at the Port of Walvis Bay to allow them to conduct seaborne trade.

Namibia has also invested heavily in road and railway networks linking the Ports of Walvis Bay and Luderitz with routes to its neighbouring countries. Having roads and railways connected to these ports will lower landside transport costs into the region. Moreover, efficient customs procedures and a well-organized inland transport system will benefit landlocked countries and can transform their trade potential in the region and beyond.

Through careful planning and successful public-private partnership the commercial port at Walvis Bay with its added advantage of being a secure gateway to the West Coast of Africa, it puts Namibia in a strategic place to become the logistics hub of Southern Africa linking the global economic centre with close to 300 million consumers in the region.

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