Looking For An IoR Supplier? Here’s Why You Should Outsource Your Selection.

Looking For An IoR Supplier? Here’s Why You Should Outsource Your Selection.


When implementing an Importer of Record (IoR) business model for service supply chains, many BlueBlox clients find that they don’t know where to start seeking a perfect-fit supplier.

With hundreds of suppliers in the market, it can be difficult to know who has the right knowledge and experience to meet your business’s needs. More importantly, it can be tough to find a supplier whose business philosophy appropriately matches yours.

You could contact each supplier individually, but this is time-consuming and resource-intensive. What’s more, once they have your contact details, you could have hundreds of suppliers spamming you with unsolicited requests for business. Which is not ideal.

There is another option.

At BlueBlox, we help our clients to penetrate emerging markets by engaging with the right suppliers for their needs. As a starting point, we provide market research reports, with a short profile of a specific country and the suppliers operating in that country. The reports include information on the suppliers’ experience, licenses, permits, and business philosophy.

This information will help you to narrow your supplier list to a select few, to contact directly.

Or, let us do it for you.

Some clients prefer to stay anonymous when engaging with potential suppliers. So, they ask us to engage on their behalf, to help them find the right partner to suit their business model, philosophy, and standards.

BlueBlox can screen suppliers for you, based on detailed information and requirements, and compile a shortlist of suppliers that we believe would be a good fit.

The advantage of this approach is that you don’t need to engage directly with any supplier until you’re ready, and speeds up the procurement process. You also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your chosen supplier has been carefully vetted and has the right experience and knowledge to support your business model.

Is this something you need? Please get in touch with BlueBlox.

We’ll be happy to help.


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