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Local Expertise Counts: Presidential Waiver for Export in Nigeria

BlueBlox successfully secured an Export Approval signed by the President of Nigeria, that enables our client to compliantly export their service support parts out of Nigeria.

When establishing operations in remote locations the ability to export goods is often overlooked. Many countries have prohibitions and restrictions on the exportation of goods that can significantly impact operations.  BlueBlox helped one such client-facing issues in Nigeria.

Nigerian legislation states that it is not allowable to export goods previously imported into Nigeria.  One of our clients had been operating in Nigeria for more than seven years and had built up an inventory of goods valued in excess of $10 Million. BlueBlox’s detailed review of the legislation found a provision in the law that allowed a company to export previously imported goods subject to certain conditions.  This was not a straightforward exercise. It required intensive engagement with multiple agencies, notably the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and ultimately the Office of the President which approved the waiver facilitating the export of our clients’ excess goods out of Nigeria.  As a result of the Presidential waiver, our client is now able to compliantly export their goods out of Nigeria, and develop sustainable operations.

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