How Innovation & Technology is Improving Ghana's Logistics Infrastructure

How Innovation & Technology is Improving Ghana’s Logistics Infrastructure

Over the past 2 decades, the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) has been shaping the way we conduct business around the world. The world of Information Technology has become a part of almost any and every industry, utilising the reliable and fully functional capabilities of digital infrastructures and databases. Some countries in Africa, such as Ghana, have taken advantage of the introduction of 4IR to improve logistics and open the countries to new forms of trading, such as e-commerce. Therefore, these countries utilise technology and innovation to improve their logistics infrastructure and adapt to 4IR for several beneficial reasons.

Ghana’s One District, One Factory Policy 

Poverty and unemployment levels throughout Africa are high, as many people do not have access to affordable public transport and other privileges that are commonly taken for granted. Ghana offers a solution for their population with their “One District, One Factory” policy to create jobs for the people while improving their logistics infrastructure as well. This policy boosts local manufacturing to grow the country’s economy, while minimising the need for large transportation trucks that could delay or clog up any logistical operations.

Going Digital

4IR has introduced the world to the efficiency and effectivity of using Information Technology in various industries including logistics industry. This advancement would not have happened without the involvement of the private sector. This is also true for Ghana. Start-ups and technology companies in Ghana developed digital platforms to deliver efficient and cost effective logistics capabilities. For example, Truckers Ghana Limited created a common online/digital platform to allow load owners to easily and conveniently find trucks to transport the cargo to any destination in Ghana and the sub-region which save them money and time. Similarly, Vestracker has created a cloud-based software that allows freight forwarders to easily track consignments, facilitates collaboration with partners and provides a window for clients to access updates and status reports.

As a part of Ghana’s logistics infrastructure, these digital advancements have allowed this country to take their logistical operations to a new level of efficiency. The role that Information Technology is allowed to play in this instance will also allow Ghana to keep building and developing on their new and thriving logistics infrastructure.

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