3 Things To Know Before Shipping To Saudi Arabia -

3 Things To Know Before Shipping To Saudi Arabia



Saudi Arabia has complex regulatory compliance requirements. Before you ship products there, we recommend that you know exactly what you need, to avoid potential disputes with authorities.




Here are three tips for a seamless trading experience:

  1. Know what authority your product falls under.

In Saudi Arabia, different regulatory bodies are responsible for different products. The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) deals with different products to the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC).

If your product overlaps these bodies, you might get conflicting information. For example, the CITC might say you don’t need a certificate but Customs might say that you do. In this case, let your business model guide you.


  1. Know your business model.

The model you use to ship products into Saudi Arabia will determine which entity is responsible for your application. Product manufacturers, owners, and importers have different responsibilities relating to licensing, compliance, and registration. Know who is responsible for what.


  1. Understand your documentation flow.

Saudi Arabia requires some documents before shipment and others once the products have arrived in the country. It’s important that you understand documentation flow within your regulatory process, to avoid delays at Customs.


The key takeaway is this: before you ship anything to Saudi Arabia – or any country in Africa or the Middle East, for that matter – your regulatory compliance processes must be in order.

This includes knowing the relevant authorities, understanding your business model and product compliance requirements, and ensuring that you have the right documents ready, at the right time.

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